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Contact: Lysenko Kirill (Commercial manager)
Website: http://www.stroynet.ru/vozr/
Email: Contact form
Mobile: + 7 921 9101948
Phone: +7 81378 30975
Fax: + 81378 30935
Address: Lenshosse, 18A, 1888800 Vyborg, Russia

We are in stone business since 1952, since Soviet Union was a socialistic country.
So we know how it was before and after.
We are a holding company, including 50 different enterprises.
We are the main contractor for Saint-Petersburg municipal orders for stone work.
We have about 10 stone quarries of our own and 3 big stone factories.
We are professional both in extracting and processing stones.
We are also building roads and houses.
We are trying to do the best.
We can do that for You!

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