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Aardwolf Industries LLC

Aardwolf Industries LLC
Contact: Nhan Vo (Marketing)
Website: http://aardwolf.com.au/
Email: Contact form
Phone: +84 274 3712840
Fax: +84 274 3712841
Address: Duong An Phu 23, Khu Pho 1B, Phuong An Phu Thi Xa Thuan An, Tinh Binh Duong, 590000 Thuan An, Viet Nam

It is a long story since Aardwolf’s director, James Corbett, invented a lifting device in 1995 to support his father’s work as observing him struggling with the heavy lifting jobs. This patent on the lifting device was officially registered in the U.S.A and the initial product has been developed into a range of lifting clamps.

Till now, Aardwolf Industries, LLC, of which main factory is located in Vietnam, is proud to be a leading supplier specializing in manufacturing and supplying the vacuum lifters to the stone, glass and steel industries in Europe, USA, Japan, Canada, England, India, Australia and New Zealand.

The design and production philosophy is based on the ergonomic theory application to each product. The design of product is basically focused on the researches of types of work, worker, and body reaction to working environment, while the anthropometric, physical and cognitive factors are applied in the whole process of production, and QA.

As a result, each Aardwolf’s product is completely bringing to the end users a comfort in use. For professionals in stone, glass and steel industries. Additionally, they help reduce the work load by two workers, now carried out by one worker only in a safely, secure and cost effective manner.

Email: sales@aardwolf.com.au

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