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Website: www.lidc.ca/tuc
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Phone: 1-709-896-8505
Fax: 1-709-896-5834
Address: 6 Hillcrest Box 1000 STN. "B", A0P 1E0 Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Canada

Torngait Ujaganniavingit Corporation (T.U.C.) is involved in the production of dimension stone, is 100% owned by LIDC, with revenues in excess of $3million, and assets valued in excess of $12million. TUC was set up in 1990 and commenced dimension stone production at its Ten Mile Bay Quarry in 1992. During 1994 operating year, more than 500 cubic meters (m3) of trimmed, salable block were produced, and since then, production has steadily increased to its current production rate of 1200 cubic meters (m3) per operation year.

The geological type area Blue Eyes is Paul's Island near the town of Nain in Labrador, Canada . Nain is located in the far north at N56 29’ 39.9” W61 37’ 06.3”, because of this production is restricted to a maximum of 16 weeks per year.

In 2001 a second quarry was developed at Igiak Bay, Labrador approximately 40 kilometers by boat from Nain. This quarry produced a similar material to that quarried at Ten Mile Bay. The Igiak stone, however, is a different color, brownish granite with multicolored crystals while at Ten Mile Bay the stone is gray with dark blue crystals. In 2001, one hundred and twenty five blocks were quarried at the Igiak site.

The Labrador Inuit Development Corporation (LIDC) was incorporated under Canadian Law in 1982 as the economic development arm of the Labrador Inuit Association (LIA), and since 2005, the Nunatsiavut Government. The mandate of the LIDC is to improve the living conditions of the Labrador Inuit by providing employment opportunities, with particular focus on traditional Inuit skills, and to promote education and training of the Inuit. Profits from LIDC's subsiduary companies are 100% reinvested within the Inuit community and in further sustainable development within the Inuit Community

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