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Phone: +393395957983
Address: Via Roen 40, 39040 Termeno, Italy

With over thirty years experience, our company produces and trade its own stone
products and works made in “Porfido” on the main European markets. Porfido is a very
hard and resistant reddish-brownish porphyry rock with very particular mechanical features
and in terms of jointing and natural splitting, too. Porfido stone products is strongly
appreciated and demanded by Architects and Landscaping Consultants for its unicity,
features and for its attractive “old style” appearance; they are utilised in several
landscaping projects to pave roads, sidewalks and other pedestrian and carrigeable areas
and in many external and internal private and public building project, mainly as paving and
flooring products.

For these reasons and its own exclusive characteristics Porfido is currently produced in
only two quarry districts in the world: in Trentino region ( NE Alps – Italy) and in Southern
Argentina; both districts are exclusively managed by Italian companies, and among them
our company is certainly one of the oldest and largest.

The Italian quarries are located in Albiano in the Trentino Region , and Laives in the Alto
Adige Region, and this constitutes a strong guarantee for
the customers as regard the regularity and homogeneity of raw materials and of
consistency in availability and delivery of final product.

The entire production line is executed following the traditional technology of splitting and
cutting, by the employment of highly specialised manpower. The obtained exclusive and
unique stone products are very regular and of high quality and they are strongly
appreciated and demanded in many Italian, EU and International Markets (Japan, USA,
South Africa and, since few months in Dubai, too).

Since many years , our company produces and install large building and landscaping
works using porfido stone, mainly for paving projects (Private and public), officially
considered and certified as very high quality professional works.
Moreover The Italian Company has also a very modern large plant for producing Porfido
sand, aggregates and granulates for building and road construction.
Our company is also a supplier of any other construction material for building
construction industry and all of them, like all other stone products mentioned above are CE
and UNI EN certified.

Moreover thanks to the availability of a wide magazine, our company is in a
position to carrying out deliveries all the year during the winter period where the quarry
ones are closed.
All this allow also to guarantee punctual deliveries and in short time, also supported by the
fact that our company also own transport means.

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