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China Guangdong Yunfu Newfashion Stone

China Guangdong Yunfu Newfashion Stone
Contact: Kathy Lee (sales)
Email: Contact form
Mobile: 86-13030298387
Phone: 86-766-8468851
Address: Yuncheng Development Zone, 527300 Yunfu, China

New Fashion Stone Crafts Factory is located in Yunfu ----the STONE BASE of China,
which is famous worldwide for its home country gathering of stone processing
technology and capabilities.We’re glad to provide you with following products
benchtop,bathtub,mosaic,medallion,shower panel, soap dish, tissue box, trash can,
dispenser and so on.
We always stick to offering our consumers high quality goods with competitive pricing.

If you’re looking for a fine supplier of stone products above, undoubtedly, we’re one of your best candidates. When you examine the benefits of New Fashion Stone products from all kinds of media channels, you’ll discover the advantage of owning your own business and the financial rewards that it can bring.
Low initial set-up investment with immediately return will bring you a fruitful season all the time.

Contact person: Linna Lee


Tel:86-766-8468851 8468897



Skype: linnlee168

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