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Dimensi Timal Sdn Bhd

Dimensi Timal Sdn Bhd
Website: http://www.metacorp.com.my/quarrying
Email: Contact form
Phone: 603-61951111
Fax: 603-61871858
Address: 68100 kuala lumpur, Malaysia

We are the largest dimension stone quarry in Malaysia with an estimated reserved of 600 million cubic meters. .We use the latest state of the art equipment to produce the quarry blocks more efficiently, more reliably and ensure more timely delivery of quality granite. We produce blocks and slabs under the trade name 'Jeli Blunero which is an excellent export-quality grade granite, homogenous and it is reasonably price. The granite has a characteristic of coarse-grained texture with bluish-black tonality. This granite has a distinct texture and consistent in colour and pattern

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