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Dear Sir,

we are pleased to introduce ourselves as land owners and land promoters, we intend to sell our land of 18 acres having deposits of granites located in Tamilnadu state , south of India. please find the details and description of land as under

The land is nearly flat with a slope towards the south, hillocks on east and west.outcrops occur as boulders, or small boulders.

The area is principally composed of migmatite with uniform band thickness, mafic and felsic bands. the out crops of this rock are generally continuous with intermittent soil cover. the rock as as whole is massive.

the host migmatite has foliation trend of N30E with near vertical dip towards the west N60W. the depth persistence of the migmatite is continuous vertically until a major fault or fracture zone has been reached or likely to occur. the depth persistence of the migmatite is generally batholithic. The joints along the foliation plane is not less than 1 m thick as seen at the surface.

The dolerite rock occurs within the host migmatite as an intrusive mass subparallel to the lineation direction.The dolerite is of typical black colour on freshly broken surfaces.

The dolerite has a trend of N30E with a dip direction of N55E and an approximate dip amount of 70 to 80 deg based on outcrop. The outcrop width is approximately 13m along dip direction. The strike length is approx 350 m and depth persistence of dolerite estimated approximately to be 42m. the volume of extractable dolerite is 140000 m3. excluding fractured rock, jointed rock.

The rocks can be differentiated into three grades based on their appearance, one is black in colour, the second is brillant green with anhedral white grains and the third is epidotic green with disseminated white patches.

should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and good day,

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