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Mobile: +38 097 9232 988
Phone: +38 0412 263 734
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Address: Shchorsa 239b, 10031 Zhytomyr, Ukraine

About us.

Our stone processing company GranStones is located in Ukraine, Zhytomyr city. The factory is a manufacturer of natural granite paving stone and facing tiles, we offer a wide range of pavers and paving tiles, facing tiles and slabs. Our plant is fully provided with modern and technological equipment. We offer paving stone and tiles made of Ukrainian granites (also gabbro and labradorites), our main products are: all sides split setts, sawn/top flamed setts, split/sawn setts, as well as curbs and kerbstones.

Our material.

We work with different types of granite, black gabbro and labradorites.
Granite paving stone is a long-lived and durable modern material, which became very popular and prestigious lately. It has a high resistance to oxidative weathering processes, temperature changes, pressure, vibration and hitting shock. The life of granite pavement is at least 50 years (frost resistance is 500-600 cycles). The surface of the setts is not being destroyed through the time, and color saturation is not lost. Paving stone is ecologically clean. It does not belong to the group of carcinogenic materials, the radiation level of granite is safe for humans, this kind of stone helps to clean the air through the quartz veins, woven into the stone.

Our granite products (every deposit) has 1st class of radiation safety - all types of construction works without restrictions.

We supply VOLGA BLUE labradorite.

About delivery.

We work at EXW (Zhytomyr), FCA (Zhytomyr), FOB (Odesa) or CPT (your city) conditions.

We will arrange the delivery of our products to your city in any region of Europe and other part of world, using traffic control services and associated transport in the shortest time and at minimal cost!

Why our company?

We provide extensive and detailed advice on the whole range of paving stone and other granite works for our partners and customers!

Cooperating with our company, you get a quality product from the manufacturer and detailed information on all aspects of the use of granite products!

How to order or get additional info.

Please, mail us at: and you will get detailed quotation with pricing and delivery advices!

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