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Address: viale Trastevere 166, 00153 Rome, Italy

We are intend to sell the granite quarry land. We can also think about he possibility of going for partnership or leasing the land on a a profit sharing ratio on the quarrying done.

It is of 42 acres situated near Bangalore in Tamilnadu state. The place is called Sulagonda Village, Madakkal Taraff, Denkani Kotta Taluk, Dharmapuri District, Tamil Nadu. The 42 acres are full of granite with different colours like Bluish Black, Multi-colour Paradise and American Jubrana.It is a patta land duly approved by the muncipal council and owned by me personally.
The entire area contains multicolored granite with light pink tone and greyish and black movements. In one corner of the area a dark blue variety with movements is also available.
The patta No. 2078 and S.N. 926,927,928,929,930,931,932 and 933.
If you intend to visit the land you can contact Mr. Mary at Bangalore (Her Cell: 09342167517 Res: 08025220132)

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