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Phone: +380542786754
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Address: 40030 Sumy, Ukraine

Dear sirs! I ask to consider cooperation possibility on delivery of granite production.
About us: joint-stock company "Cometa" owns eight block granite open-cast mines (Pokostovsky (Gray Ukraine), Evdokimovsky (Rosso Pink), Sofievsky (Sofija), Torchinsky (Black Kometa), Verhneluzhsky (Blue Volga), Maslavsky (Verde Oliva), Boguslavsky (Gray Real) and Mirnjansky). Three (3) factories on granite processing. At present we enter into a three of the largest enterprises of Ukraine working in this area.
Offered production:
- Blocks granite
- the Tile granite facing (thermoprocessed, polished
- the Stone blocks granite (draught) chipped, pileno-chipped pilenaja-thermoprocessed
- the Border granite road-Porebrik granite garden
- Steps granite
- Products from a granite (a plate, window sills, table-tops, bar racks etc.)

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