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Marbella Granitos e Marmores
Contact: Tom O. Merrill (Sales Manager)
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Mobile: 55-27-9971-2603
Phone: 55-27-3324-1877
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Address: Rua Taciano Abuare, 225 S.110/111, 29050-470 Vitoria, Brazil

Marbella Granitos e Marmores quarry and produce some unique marble onyxes and marbles that are perfect for cladding and can be found in various finishes.

Madreperola (Marble Onyx), our quarry of over 4 years in operation, has some very unique characteristics: fine grained high impact resistant, intense shine, and translucent. The translucent quality allows it to be used in architectural projects that require special lighting effects as well as having 15 to 25% silica content which prevents absorption of many harmful substances such as wine, oils, coffee, and others. Madreperola is harder and more resistant than the majority of granites in the world market.

Madreperola (Marble Onyx) is predominantly white with green and blue veins, very hard (like onyx), translucent, and in 4 finishes: Honed, Polished, Flamed, and Brushed. It is ideal for both interior and exterior cladding. Madreperola is recommended for large projects due to the large supply available in blocks and slabs as well as a large modern pit quarry.

Paul Klee (Marble Onyx) has exclusive designs with multicolored veins giving it an exotic aspect all through. The marble was named Paul Klee to honor the Swiss painter who became famous by using the veining of Italian marble in his work. Paul Klee is mixed with rose, green, white, gray, brown, and blue marble in each block or slab. The production of this unique marble is very limited.

Paul Klee Light (Marble Onyx) is very similar to Paul Klee although its extra white back ground adorned with lighter tones of other colors of marble onyx. Paul Klee Light is a larger grained marble that shines like the stars creating beautiful effects. The production of this marble onyx is around 15% of the quarry.

Royal Blue (Marble Onyx) is light blue , a rare beauty, with green, white and blue veins throughout.

My name is Tom Merrill and I am responsible for the sales and marketing of this company. We would like to send you pictures and a sample.

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Marbella is also know for it’s production of black granite, Aracruz Black.

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