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Hubei Multicolor Red Stone Co., Ltd

Hubei Multicolor Red Stone Co., Ltd
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Mobile: +86-13197333227
Phone: +86-0717-7951318
Fax: +86-0717-7951318
Address: yiling, 443105 Yichang, China

We are multicolor red granite and black limestone nature stone factory,and we have our own quarry.
Welcome to visit.
Main Products: Granite, Limestone,multicolor red granite stone ,Sanxia red granite,Sanxia Green granite, ever green stone, Blue star granite, sesame granite, Blue stone,black limestone, slabs,tiles,plates,cubes,paving stone ,landscaping stone,Countertop,Curbstone
ADD: NO.18 Huangxin Road, Huanghua Industry Park, Yiling District, Yichang,Hubei,China
TEL:sallylee +86-13197333227
QQ: 2384275264

Hubei Multicolor Red Stone Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of nature stone. The main products are granite,limestones:slabs, cut-to-size, tiles, countertop, curbstone, tombstone, fireplace, carving ,Flooring and Wall Cladding tiles,Columns,Balustrades Fountains,Gardens & Landscaping Natural Stone,Cubes and Edgestonesfor residential and commercial projects.
Hubei Multicolor Red Stone has been supplying stone products for project work for many years. With its professional knowledge on quarry investigation, material selection, sampling, communication with architects, production and quality control, We has done a lot of projects in Europe.
Hubei Multicolor Red Stone always insist on the faith of "Integrity First, Customer First and Quality First". We have high-quality products, solid reputation, honest attitude, competitive prices, equipped plenty of advanced machines. Both industry and construction professionals are welcome to our office for consultation, negotiation and cooperation and our factories for visiting. We can make mutual benefit and create the bright future together.
If you have a project that requires the most exacting and uncompromising quality, HuBei Multicolor Red Stone is your choice. Please visit our website to scan our products. Your enquiries are always welcome.
We always treasure cooperators and respect the friends who provide us the valuable opinions and suggestions. We appreciate your supports and your cooperation and will redound upon you with our upgrade products.

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