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Narural Stone Ltda
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Address: 29300970 Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, Brazil

We are International Sales and Sourcing Located in Cachoeiro , Espirito Santo Brazil about 300 miles north of Rio de Janeiro. The information below tells you a bit about what we do.
We are owner of some of the most beautiful quarry in Brazil : BLUE FIRE, MISTERY, BLUE SPRING and others.
The quality and the variety of its products, added to a special customer attendance, make NATURAL STONE an excellent commercial partner for your businesses.
NATURAL STONE has one of the most beautiful and diversified stone collection with focus on its own exotic line this unique variety, combined to our high production capacity, make NATURAL STONE an excellent slab supplier.
We have in our line many Exotic granites, as well as the major selling granites located in Brazil. We can send pictures and pricing for these products and will also be responsible for the quality, quantity, and delivery of the products.

Company number in Cachoeiro: 55 28 2101 8800/8811


SKYPE: wanusa.oliveira

MSN Messenger:

Please let us know what your current needs are and we will accommodate them if at all possible. We have many contacts that can supply me and thus you with the product that you need.
We are looking forward to talking with you as well as working with you in the near future, please contac us for presentation on our materials.

Wanusa Oliveira
Export Division

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