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Naturstein Vetter GmbH

Naturstein Vetter GmbH
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Phone: 0049 9522 7290
Fax: 0049 9522 72999
Address: Industriestr. 16, 97483 Eltmann, Bavaria, Germany

We have shaped architecture and
written architectural history - right up to the present day!
From the small stonemasonry founded by Conrad Vetter
in 1865, a natural stone company that operates globally
has emerged, one that has its own sandstone, shelly
limestone and granite quarries in Germany and Europe.
Our services:
Advice and selection
Technical planning
Final inspection

Our philosophy is supported by 140 years' experience and correspondingly broad expertise. The very best service structures from the team spirit of our staff to technology and logistics form further pillars of our company. The wide choice of natural stones from 14 domestic quarries and their many different finishes ensure an inexhaustible wealth of uses. Furthermore, short transport routes and the renaturisation of the area quarried satisfy the demands for commitment to the environment that are ever so essential these days. Last but not least, intensive project support - from planning and assembly options with partner companies right through to the final inspection - form the essence of an intensive relationship with our clients.

Wir haben Architektur mitgeprägt
und Architekturgeschichte geschrieben – bis heute!
Aus dem von Conrad Vetter 1865 gegründetem kleinen
Steinmetzbetrieb hat sich eine global handelnde
Natursteinindustrie entwickelt, mit eigenen Sandstein
Sandsteine bestehen fast ausschließlich aus Quarz.
Die Härte der Sandsteine nimmt mit dem Grad der Verfestigung zu.
Muschelkalk- und Granitsteinbrüchen in Deutschland
und Europa.
Unsere Leistungen:
Beratung und Auswahl
Technische Planung

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