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Nhat Huy Natural Stone

Nhat Huy Natural Stone
Contact: Mr. Nguyen Duc Phu (Sales manager)
Website: www.nhathuy-naturalstone.com
Email: Contact form
Mobile: +94977966008
Phone: +8446367841
Fax: +8446367456
Address: 29, alley 61/2 Lac Trung, Hanoi, 84 Hanoi,

Nhat Huy Natural stone is Vietnam's leading Marble manufacturer and exporter. We have quarry, factory and standard production lines. We have been doing this business for 10 years and exporting to many countries.

Our main products: Pure White marble, Milk White Marble, Lemon Marble, Blue stone.

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Nhat Huy Co.,ltd
29, alley 61/2 Lac Trung, hanoi, Vietnam
tel: +8446367841
Fax; +8446367456
Email: info@nhathuy-naturalstone.com

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