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Phone: +34 924670706
Fax: +34 924671336
Address: Cl Poligono Industrial 12, 06200 Almendralejo, Spain

PINASUR is devoted to the extraction, transformation, production and distribution of natural stone (marble, granite, limestone, slate, sandstone, etc.) products.

PINASUR carries out all of the manufacturing process in their own facilities so that our customers receive either a mechanical or handicrafted work fully suited to their needs

Our long expertise, as well as our long-lasting relationship with our customers, have led us to be working in this sector for over 50 years, constantly renewing both our facilities, services, machinery and products. Thus, both our efficiency and our adaptation to the market are always updated with its demands. We are also betting on the quality on our products as a top priority, so we do also include improvements on environmental issues. Thus, our projects do always comply with the current regulation on pollutant emissions, even with lower rates than those laid out by the rules.

We currently comply and certify our products with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 rules. Our business lies within the framework of the Natural Stone from Euroroc (European Federation).

PINASUR, following their interest in the R+D of new products, has signed an agreement with the University of Extremadura for the manufacturing of new materials.

Since 2008, we are co-operating with the Government of Extremadura in order to create the Piedra Natural de Extremadura trademark as well as trade with it.

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