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Porfidi International Srl

Porfidi International Srl
Website: www.porfidiinternational.com
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Address: 38100 Civezzano, Trento, Italy

Porfidi International is the only quarry-owner able to produce finished porphyry from Italy, Mexico, and Argentina, resulting in a complete range of products: tiles, cobblestones, steps, wall coverings and kerbs, in various finishes.
In its continuous strive for excellency, Porfidi International has created 3 main product lines carrying their respective registered trademarks that underline its products' unique features:
 CUBICO®: natural cleft face cubes, both regular and irregular. They allow for multiple partterns of paving.
 PALLADIUM®: this mark identifies natural cleft surface tile with regular or irregular shape
 STARDUST®: this product line shows finished surface products. It is used for internal paving, covering, and for all the finishing elements for interior and exterior like steps, parapets, especially worked pieces, kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
The products can be checked and shown easily thanks to the packaging in strong and beautiful wooden crates that also allow for a safe transportation and easy stacking on various levels. No more plastic covers need to be disposed.

Porfidi International owns its quarries in Italy, Argentina, and Mexico. Its expertise also includes setting at the work site, project design, production of splitting machines and cutting tools.
Working with Porfidi International means to have access to a network of knowledge on porphyry at 360 degrees. Please consider visiting www.porfidiinternational.com

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