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Rasheed Marble Pvt Ltd

Rasheed Marble Pvt Ltd
Website: www.rasheedmabrles.ourprofile.biz
Email: Contact form
Phone: +923213818987
Address: 75760 Karachi,

We are exporter of marble with the name of company "Rasheed Marbles Pvt Ltd" from Pakistan.We have different varieties of marble such as Black & Gold, Cloudy Grey, Verona, King Gold, Chocolate Marble, Grey Gold, Royal Fancy, Sahara Gold, Multi Green Grade, Light Green, Red Onyx, Dark Green Onyx, Multi Onyx, etc....except of it in these marbles we can send you Tiles, Slabs, Sinks, in different sizes and different designs every where in the world which will be of your requirement as well and we can send you different kinds of Handy Crafts made off marble and even on your requirement.If you are interested to purchase or order anyone of the above product, than we will sand you all price and all other expense.
We will feel pleasure to export our product to you as in form of business hopefully with waiting a positive reply of you on response of my letter.
Managing Director
Ali Rasheed
Best Regards

Company Name: Rasheed Marbles pvt Ltd
Web add : http://www.rasheedmarbles.ourprofile.biz
Email Add: info@rasheedmarbles.ourprofile.biz
Phone: 00-92-321-3818987

United Kingdon
Khawar Rasheed
Phone: +447514623267

Mahmood ur Rasheed
Phone: +353872881813

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