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Monument en granit avec une stèle et une tombale longue
---Product: Memorial & monument 
---Type: headstone + kerbs 
---Material: granite,marble,other stone
---Others: Scupture, vase, etc.
Material: Granite & marble
Finishes: Polished, flamed, honed, chiseled 
Products: Various carvings
Packing: Wooden crate
Item: Stone flowerpot & urn

Stone flowerpot
Material: White marble
Size: (dia. ) 7" x H8" 
Category: Garden furniture
Monument in granite Bahama Blue
Size: 44" x 33" x 4"
Packing: Wooden crate
Western Memorial

Material: Shanxi Black
Size: 33''x30''x6''
Packing: Wooden crate
The background stone is Iran G 177 from Iran.
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