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Address: Celulozei Street No. 8, 900155 Constanta, Romania

ROBSTONE PRODUCTS is the only producer of compound quartz slabs and tiles in Romania. The Robstone compound quartz is a remarkable product (it is made of 93%natural quartz) which successfully substitutes the traditional materials used for interior design, such as marble, granite and ceramics. This product is the ideal solution for the interior and exterior lining, wall lining, kitchen tops, steps and window jambs, table tops and any other area that is intended to be beautiful and elegant, but lasting and functional.

Robstone is the result of the perfect combination between the last generation technology and one of the most strong and durable materials that exist in nature: the quartz. A product that has exceptional features and it provides unlimited possibilities of adaptability and design.

ROBSTONE PRODUCTS Ltd utilizes an automated production line with an annual capacity that exceeds 220.000 esq and a competitive contouring machine – NC400. Robstone is a must for prestigious commercial and residential projects.

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