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Roni Marble s.a.s.
Contact: Mr. Stefano Roni
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Phone: +39 0584 742241
Fax: +39 0584 769350
Address: via asilo 59, 55047 Querceta, Italy

Our heart beats in Carrara, the world's capital of marble and granite. In a region that concentrates the oldest deposits ever, the most valuable marble, the best technology and experience in the quarrying and processing of stone.
We have a dynamic, far-ranging take on tradition and offer a wide range of products and services to an international clientele.
We supply blocks, slabs and semi-finished products to importers and processing companies. Floors, facings and all sorts of finished products (stairs, kitchen tops, window sills, fireplaces, etc.) to wholesalers and building companies. We carry out special or tailor-made jobs for private customers, designers, architects.
Our marble and granite come from all over the world. Strict inspections at the quarries and before leaving are a guarantee of the highest quality of raw materials.
In Italy, the production process is carried out by a pool of craftsmen and highly specialised companies; a cycle that is accurately monitored in order to optimise the finishing processes, the packaging, the delivery time.
Our main markets, apart from Italy, are Europe (mostly France, Belgium, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany), the Far East and the American continent.
Our headquarters in Querceta cover approximately 5,000 square metres where we store our raw materials and finished products. Logistics is made easier by the proximity of the marble quarries, the ports of Marina di Carrara, La Spezia and Livorno, as well as Pisa International Airport and the excellent road and motorway connections, and that's how we are right in the heart of the world's stone market.

Precious white and arabescato marble from Carrara, ancient stones from Veneto, Roman and Tuscan travertine, Sardinian breccia, diorite and granite from the Alps. And again: green marble from Rajasthan, deep blue granite from Ukraine and Northern Europe, the multitude of colours of Brazil.
Roni Marble offers a limitless range of materials, patterns, colours from all over the world. And an equally wide range of sizes and finishes to fulfil designers' requirements.

Michelangelo Buonarroti: a sculptor, painter, architect. Perhaps the greatest artists of all times. The author of such immortal works as the David, the Sistine Chapel, the Basilica of Saint Peter's.
For his sculptural masterpieces (the Pietà, the Moses), Michelangelo chose a special kind of marble. White, thick, finely-textured marble which can take an amazing polish. He had looked for this perfect statuary marble for years and eventually he found it in the oldest quarry in Carrara.
Michelangelo's statuary marble is still quarried. Roni Marble make it the protagonist of new, prestigious works. Fruit of an extremely accurate selection, this marble is sought after by all the sculptors in the world for the personality of its colour, its magnificent transparency, the strength of its crystals. Features that make it fit for any kind of architectural application, especially for high quality designs, both classic and contemporary.
Statuario Michelangelo has a warm colour, shades and hues that often veer to cream, muted veins, evenly arranged on its surface, a very thick texture and superior resistance to wear and tear.
For those works in which less ambitious materials can be used, Roni Marble selects Bianco Michelangelo. Same origin, same physical and mechanical properties as Statuario Michelangelo, but available in larger amounts.
Bianco Michelangelo stands out for the ivory shades of its weft, the evenness of its ground colour, the brightness and warmth that it exudes, regardless of the size. Because of its texture and hardness, it is fit for tops, kitchen tops and heavily-walked floors.

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