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Sunrise Quartzite Private Limited

Sunrise Quartzite Private Limited
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Fax: +91.141.2353437
Address: 414, Nemisagar Colony, Queens Road, Jaipur, 302021 Jaipur, India

Sunrise Quartzite Private Limited. is an innovative and progressive
Mining and Export company.

We bring the most wonderful and unique range of Quartzite and Sandstone
to world market for all applications including decorative, landscaping and

The exclusive range of Sandstone includes:-

• Red Sandstone
• Grey Sandstone
• Brown Buff Sandstone
• Autumn Brown Sandstone
• Gardha Sandstone
• Golden Yellow Sandstone
• Mint Sandstone
• Teakwood Sandstone
• Rainbow Sandstone

Sandstone Products:-

• Natural Tiles • Flag Stone Natural • Cobbles • Steps • Kerb Stone •Circles
• Walling Stone • Coping Stone

The exclusive range of Quartzite Blocks and Slabs includes:-

• Beige Quartzite
• Brown Quartzite
• Gold Dust Quartzite
• Golden Fantasy Quartzite
• Grey Quartzite
• Pink Quartzite
• Red Quartzite

Quartzite Slabs:

Thickness: 20 mm / 30 mm / 40mm
Finishes: Polished / Honed / Flamed/ Sand Blasted
Dimensions: 2.70 - 3.10 Mtrs length x 1.60 - 2.00 Mtrs width

Currently we are supplying sandstone and quartzite to countries like Italy,
Spain, China, Taiwan UK, USA,Spain, Australia and Poland to name a few.

By dealing with the source clients of Sunrise Quartzite are able to take
advantage of our extensive down stream network of manufacturers, processors,
fabricators and other services.

We take a great pride in assuring a reliable and high quality services to our

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