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Sample Box for 10x10x2cm stone sample:
2 floor;
6 PCS sample in 1 floor;
ocean bule granite
carving granite
It has the pretty veins and blue light dot, which is likes the Blue Pearl. This is imported granite.
We can supply you the best quality of G808 product. If you are interesting in it, welcome sends your inquiry to Xiamen Zion stone company. Your earlier reply will be highly appreciated!
we have 5000m2 1.5~2cm thickness of sunny beige on stocks, Good quality, Competitive price, If you like, please seize the opportunity now. Please contact us.
Yellow Onyx, gold color/clear lines/light transmission is good. Its known as the "Cream of Asiaâs most, and its commonly used in interior decoration and bar counter, we can supply you the best quality of yellow onyx with the competitive price ,if you are interested in it ,please do not hesitate to contact us.
The color is more stable. Few crystal line on the surface. Most of our products is very good without any red line. It's suitable for external and internal installation. Different Color: White color, Light grey color , Dark grey color.
Indian paradiso can make stage face plate, the big board, plate, article basin, engineering plate, plate, line etc. Used in a wide variety of building.
Blue color, High quality of Natural Stone, Competitive price, Good quality, widely used for interior and exterior decoration, paving, wall building, caving and many other aspects. We have many type for choose: Polished, Honed, Natural, Groovel, Bush Hammer by machine, chiseled.
We can make the carving as Client's request. You can give us carving picture you want then we will make your request.
Gery color sandstone is popular granite. It is the cheapest Sand stone in china. Widely used in all kinds of building.
We have two sizes for choose: 1. 50x10x10cm 4 USD/PCS ; 2. 94x14x14cm 27 USD/PCS
This Crystal White is come from China. It can offer 100% pure white color in small size tiles. Its big size slab will have some yellow spot.
North Green is our new material. It is used in outdoor and indoor decoration. It is the best choice for building material .Including wall tiles, Columns, Skirting, Border and Carving etc.
We are a professional tombstone manufacturer and exporter. We can provide you with different styles of tombstone in high quality. The material for tombstone is very different from the stone for building.
Cheap Chinese red Granite. Its polished Slab price is about 12.8 USD/M2
Sample box is very convenient for set samples. This is 10x10x1cm stone sample, has 2 floors, 6 PCS sample in 1 floor.
Pearl White come from Jiangxi, is a white granite, relatively rare have very good physical characteristics.
Diamond Giallo is good for Slabs, Countertop, Tiles ...suitable for inside and outside.
Ashes Box For Pet is now the popular after the death of a pet. Give your pet a good place let their life to continue. We can carve some pets like real. Please contact us.
Cube stone usually used in outdoor. We can offer all surface natural (The most cheapest); Surface natural or Flamed, the other side cut. Size for choose: 9x9x9cm 10x10x10cm Or 10x10x4~6cm.
Shanxi Black is a kind of famous Chinese black granite. Compare with the Hebei Black. This is Shanxi Black tome sample, The Shanxi Black for tombstone we offer is the best quality Shanxi Black. Without any flaw, We don't use cheap similar stone instead of it.
G654 is popular Grey color granite from Fujian province China. It is the best choice for building material; it used the interior and exterior decoration .Including wall tiles, Columns, Skirting, Border and Carving etc.
G682 used for warm color, Crystal surface, Moist texture, It suitable for sink, floor, Countertop, Carving and indoor and outdoor walls.
G684 is a famous Black Basalt come from China. Its surface appears some crystal. It is hard and have very good physical characteristics. And have more competitive price than Shanxi Black, China Black. It sells very well.
The background stone is Autumn Basque from Canada.
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