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Natural Stone and Adhesives

Natural stone and adhesive? Yes, but which adhesive? What kind of adhesive has which characteristics? Which characteristics of the adhesive are relevant for my gluing?

These questions and many other different questions are often asked, which have to do with natural stone. Unfortunately it is not possible to supply a simple answer, due to the many varied natural stones and fixing methods. Each adhesion problem is unique and will need professional consultation with the adhesive manufacturers. I would like to give you within this framework an unfortunately brief outline of the main adhesives presently on the market for the natural stone industry. Since there are countless adhesives on the market I want to put them in order.

The following widespread adhesive types are to be found:

1-component adhesives


  • ready for use from tube
  • no mixing
  • clean handling


  • usually very slow curing
  • colour mixing is not possible
  • can not be polished
  • low chemical resistance

2-component adhesives


  • very high adhesion strength and constructional fixings are possible
  • fast curing
  • can be polished
  • Colour mixing possible
  • high chemical resistance


  • mixing of the components nessesary
  • Skincontact with the components when mixing is possible (exception Cartrige-System!)
  • usually higher health risk

One can also divide the adhesives into the following raw material classes:

* Epoxy resin based
* Polyester resin based
* Polyurethane resin based
* Cyanacrylate resin based

The background stone is Branco Ipanema from Brazil.
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