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Is there only granite and marble?

When looking at natural stone shops, they often seem to sell only two kinds of natural stone – granite and marble. However, the marble tiles for your living room, or the granite countertop for your kitchen may well be some other type of natural stone. As most people (including some experts) can't tell the difference anyway, this is hardly a matter to worry about, or even get upset about. Its simply more practical when commercially dealing with natural stone.

At Graniteland, we have taken the pragmatic approach and offer two different versions for our Natural Stone Search Engine. The easy version only has granite and marble as search options. Under these, we have grouped all other kinds of natural stone in a way they are usually grouped by commercial natural stone dealers. Most limestones and sandstones are grouped as marbles, quartzite are mostly called granites, and so on.

For the stone experts and the interested future experts: there is an advanced version of our Natural Stone Search. If you switch it on (there is a link right below the Type of Stone search option), you can choose some 20 different types of natural stone to search for.

However, if you are simply looking for a new kitchen countertop, you better stick to the easy version of either marble or granite, as not every commercial natural stone dealer may know what a "Ophicalcite" is.

The background stone is Rosa Egeo from Greece.
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