A new Stonehenge for the New Millennium
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A new Stonehenge for the New Millennium

Although it is now mostly in ruins, the unique design and mysterious presence of Stonehenge continues to draw nearly one million visitors each year – more than half of them from overseas. They marvel at its grandeur, wonder why and how the monument was built and, most of all, wish they could have watched it being built and seen it when it was new.

This is our challenge: to grant them that wish. The New Stonehenge will enable the world to watch the re-creation of Stonehenge and reveal how it would have looked some 4,000 years ago. By recruiting volunteers from around the world to engage in ancient methods of engineering, we will uncover the original, awe-inspiring look of the huge stones and their exact placement in perfect circles.

In creating The New Stonehenge, we will provide the world with a new Stonehenge for the 21st Century. Standing in Wiltshire that we hope will become a World Heritage Landmark Sculpture for the next 5,000 years.

The New Stonehenge will also be a living laboratory for academics in the fields of astronomy, engineering, architecture, archaeology, construction and other fields of study. The project will undoubtedly attract visitors from around the globe and host a diverse range of events and exhibitions. The New Stonehenge will entertain, educate and - perhaps - reveal as yet undiscovered secrets about the original Stonehenge.

For more information Email: circleinfo@stonehengestones.com

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