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First orbicular granite quarry opened in Finland

While there are several other orbicular rocks in the market, those materials are either diorites or gabbros. This new Finish material is the first real orbicular granite quarried.

The spheres in this stone have diametres of between 15 and 18 cm.The cores of the spheres consist of sodium feldspar, quartz and biotite, while the surrounding matrix is a composition of plagioclase feldspar, sodium feldspar and quartz.

The deposit of this orbicular granite is located in Savitaipale, eastern Finland. It is relatively small, estimated at some 50 x 20 metres. For that reason, only small quantities can be produced and the blocks will not be sold to other companies.

The complete production is processed in the factory located nearby the quarry. It is well equipped, and customers can buy small slabs or cut to size, table tops and similar items. Even columns, baptisteries and floating granite spheres are fabricated. The maximum block size is approximately 200 x 100 cm.

The colour of this granite is not consistent. There are shades of grey and pink, as well as green and yellowish colours in this stone. It is, however, a very dense material and takes on a good polish.

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