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Excellency from the Netherlands

Style, prestige and beautifulness are connected with the use of natural stone throughout the ages. We offer you a range of types, colours and possibilities in natural stone as one of the bigger natural stone companies in Holland.

During the last 60 years, we are specialized in many products, from practical kitchen tops to classy fireplaces. From representative wall cladding to distinguished tomb stones

for both private and professional customers. We are creative in either interior or exterior, classic or modern, in material from Norway to South Africa.

What you can do with natural stone? In which way? We would be pleased to give you all of these answers based on our skills and knowledge.

You could never imagine what natural stone can do for your live.

The key factor is that we would like to respect your wishes as a partner in creative thinking.


Wessels natural stone imports some unique stones, one of them is Black Fossile.

This limestone with fossils is found in Morocco and is full of unique light grey shell fossils.


Paintings from mother nature, originated 350-400 million years ago.

The Sölker multicolour crystal marble is the only marble in the world with veins in the colours white, pink, grey and green. This colourful, fascinating veins which are emphasized by crystal sparkling. The colourful appearance of this precious stone is very suitable for the wellness surrounding. These soft and warm multicolours create the exact, pleasant ambiance.

Azul Imperial is an exclusive and impressive blue quartzite from Brazil with a very rich decorative structure for both interior- and exterior applications.

Prestigious architects use its structure and character in highly exclusive projects.

Stone quality combined with the modern machinery and skilled artisans of Wessels, ensures a fascinating stone surface in which one’s fantasy will be lost in time.

About the author of Excellency from the Netherlands
Frans BlokFrans Blok is the manager of Wessels Natuursteen
The background stone is Crystal Flower G 3755 from China.
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