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System-built: natural stone ventilated rainscreen cladding

The system approach for natural stone ventilated rainscreen cladding is the logical consequence of continuous technological development and increasing demands on the part of architects, designers and developers. The key ingredient here is the combination of sub-frames and state-of-the-art undercut fixing technology. All system components – such as undercut fixings and anchoring elements – are approved and mutually compatible. The system technology makes it possible to use larger-sized natural stone panels and to reduce panel thickness, achieving a notable reduction in weight.

Earlier this year, StoVerotec GmbH, also a member of the FVHF (the German trade association for construction materials and components for ventilated rainscreen cladding), presented the system with all its components to a specialist audience in Würzburg.

The need for this system approach and its application was highlighted in a seminar led by Alfred Stein, Professor at the Fachhochschule Trier and President of the German Natural Stone Academy (DENAK) and Dr. Thomas Grunenberg, a specialist on the use of natural stone in construction, together with other members of the FVHF.

The event followed the take-over of the former Hemm GmbH – now HemmStone – by the Sto AG. HemmStone is a renowned manufacturer of natural stone cladding panels. With the acquisition of HemmStone, StoVerotec GmbH have secured the necessary expertise to implement the new system approach in line with market requirements.

The system technology offers the following features:

  • Can be used in combination with any thickness of insulation material
  • Sub-frame adjustable in three dimensions to ensure level positioning
  • Approved fixings for all external wall construction materials
  • Flexibility in the choice of natural stone panels
  • Narrow joint width
  • Installation independent of weather conditions

    Natural stone cladding systems are installed by competent, specially trained operatives working in line with the VOB C ATV DIN 18351 (German construction contract procedures, Part C: General technical specifications for building works - Ventilated curtain walling). Training is provided according to the vocational training schedule “certified facade installer”, dated 19.05.1999.

    This also safeguards the required quality standards.

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