G 654 - a grey Granite from China
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G 654

G 654 is a grey Granite from China.

Remarks about G 654:

This is not a very homogeneous material, neither in colour nor structure.

Data on G 654:

Stone Name: G 654
Pseudonyme: Padang Dark, G3554
Main color: grey
Country of origin: China
City of origin: - No data -
Classification: Granite
Texture: fine
Maximum size: - No data -
Application: Suitable for interior and exterior applications

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Photos of G 654

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TUMBLED G654 GRANITE COBBLE  http://www.2chinagranite.com/e_products/index_fl.asp?big_id=2&small_id=&page=1
Polished G654
Padang Dark G654
Impala Middle Granied G654
honed g654 granite slab
G654 kerb stone http://www.2chinagranite.com/e_productshow/?113-Flamed-G654-Granite-Kerb-113.html
g654 granite table
G654 GRANITE STAIR  http://www.2chinagranite.com/e_productshow/?96-Padang-G654-Granite-Step-96.html
G654 GRANITE HALF SLAB  http://www.2chinagranite.com/e_productshow/?41-Padang-Dark-G654-Half-Slab-41.html
G654 Granite Flamed
G654 GRANITE BIG SLAB   http://www.2chinagranite.com/e_productshow/?14-Padang-Dark-G654-Granite-Slabs-14.html
G654 Cube Stone   http://www.2chinagranite.com/e_productshow/?69-Split-G654-Cubic-Stone-69.html
G654 COBBLE PAVERS   http://www.2chinagranite.com/e_productshow/?200-Tumbled-G654-Cobblestone-200.html

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The background stone is G 654 from China.
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