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G603 Granite Slab & Tile
1: Surface Finish Of Natural G603 Granite: Polished, Honed, Sawn cut, Flamed, Split faced, and Sand blasted Picked, Bush hammered, Chiseled, Mushroom, Tumbled surface.
2. Granite tiles; size for reference,
305*305mm (12*12)
400*400mm (18*18)
610*610mm (24*24)
305*610mm (12*24)
3. Granite slabs size for reference,
Small slabs: 60~90*180~330*2/3cm
Big slabs: 100~200*240~3300*2/3cm
4: Quality Control of G603 Granite Slab:
A. Polished degree: 80° up, according to your request;
B. Thickness tolerance: +/-1mm.
C. All products checked by experienced QC and then packing, checked piece by piece, packed face to face
D. All kinds of granite products, like tiles, slabs, countertops, curbstones, tombstones, stairs etc are available.
All information above is just for your reference, more correct and detailed info, please contact.

The background stone is G603 from China.
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