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Iran Confair

Iran Confair is a trade show in Iran from 08/09/2015 until 08/12/2015.Aerology Equipment, Air Conditioning, Building and Construction, Building Equipment, Building Machines, Building Materials, Building Utensils, Doors, Facade Technology, Financing, Floor Coverings, Heating Technology, Industrial Health and Safety, Insurance, Landscaping Construction, Lifts, Elevators, Sanitary Technology, Tools, Windows
Name of the trade show:Iran Confair
Other common names:International Builing & Construction Industries Exhibition
Start date:Sunday, 09 August 2015
End date:Wednesday, 12 August 2015
Web site:
More information: AUMA data sheet, Location on OpenStreetMaps, Search on DuckDuckGo
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The background stone is Cinza Friburgo from Brazil.
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