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The Hotel Show - Dubai

The Hotel Show - Dubai is a trade show in United Arab Emirates from 09/28/2015 until 09/30/2015.architecture, Accessories, Air Conditioning, Art, Audio-Visual Technology, Awnings, Bathroom Furniture, Bedding, Bedroom Suites, Ceiling Panelling, Cleaning Machines, Cleaning Technology, Cooking Utensils, Curtains, Cutlery, Electrical Engineering, Facility Management, Fitness Apparatus, Floor Coverings, Franchising, Furnishings, Furniture, Home Textiles, Hotel Equipment, Hotel Furnishings, Lighting Fittings, Lighting Technology, Mattresses, Outdoor Catering, Paints, Refrigeration, Restaurant Equipment, Restaurant Furnishings, Security Systems, Services, Special-Purpose Clothing, Swimming Pool Equipment and Accessories, Technologies, Telecommunication, Tents, Textiles, Wall Coverings, Wall to Wall Carpeting, Wallpaper, Wellness
Name of the trade show:The Hotel Show - Dubai
Other common names:Interior Design & Lighting, Operating Equipment & Supply, HORECA, Technology, Sustainability, Facilities Management, Retail & Franchise, Career & Training For the Middleast Hospitality Industry (Hotels)
Start date:Monday, 28 September 2015
End date:Wednesday, 30 September 2015
Country:United Arab Emirates
Web site:
More information: AUMA data sheet, Location on OpenStreetMaps, Search on DuckDuckGo
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The background stone is Paljakan Kvartsiitti from Finland.
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