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Al Ajmi Marble L.L.C
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Phone: +968 24 60 77 85 / 24 69 99 79
Fax: +968 24 69 53 57
Address: PO Box 2455, CPO - 111 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, 111 Muscat, Oman

Why Al Ajmi Marble?
Al Ajmi Marble was established in the year 1997, to promote the finest Omani marble carefully selected and mined from its three (3) exclusive quarries, which continues the long tradition in exploring and offering in both national and international market.
It has been granted an ISO certificate and the quality of its Omani marble has been tested and technically proven by different international accredited testing facilities.
It ensures customer’s satisfaction by providing consistent quality, meeting customer requirements at competitive price and adhering delivery schedules as well as complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.

We process natural Omani Marble mined from our own three (3) quarries located in Sohar, Ibri, and Mudhaibi which have substantial deposits to meet any project requirements from its client.
With the most advanced process of extraction and fabrication processes, we get excellent finishes and qualities in various formats.
It enables us to guarantee rapid supply of natural Omani marble for large projects by international contractors.

As an internationally recognized leader in marble mining and processing, the factories are state of the art facilities which utilize hi – tech and innovative methodologies of stone processing. We work in such manner to guarantee the continuity of raw materials and products.
We are providing marbles for commercial buildings, residential projects, hospitals, and government buildings. Through its endeavor, Al Ajmi Marble ensure customers satisfaction and confidence which is based on our production focus to sustain its goal without sacrificing quality, as well as its high stock capabilities, on time delivery system, keen marketing strategy and accurate/competitive pricing policy.

Al Ajmi Marble offers a wide range of marble of products for indoor and outdoor use in different sizes of stone alternatives to architects, designers and professional project owners. We also offer different surface treatments and special production on demand as well as different finishes which may be required in any project.
We regularly exports our marble products to over forty countries located in all the six continents.

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