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Grandall - Granites from Brazil
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Mobile: +55 28 99920-3539
Phone: +55 28 3542-5078
Address: 29360-000 Castelo, Brazil

In 2000, with no capital investment or any financial aid, was born Grandall Group. At the time, selling marble and granite slabs in a small shopping area located in the municipality of Castelo-ES, which were acquired from other companies and resold to customers. With the passage of time, trust and credibility were acquired in the sector.

In 2003, they prospered negotiations, having been founded by the partners the first headquarters of the Group, specializes in tiles cuts.

Advances did not stop there, focused and entrepreneurship, opened a new headquarters - Industrial- Park, winning autonomy in producing all the material marketed by the sector, given possess modern equipment, such as multiwire, automatic polishing and solid infrastructure , calling it an environmentally friendly Group, for all the raw material is returned to the environment in a sustainable manner.

Finally, in almost 15 years of existence, we can say without fear of contradiction, that our Victories are the result of hard work and honest developed with much struggle and dedication of its founders, whose foundation just design a dream, today held and achieved by a committed and dedicated team whose reflexes are printed in full satisfaction of our customers and partners.

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