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PP "Contact"

PP "Contact"
Website: http://contactua.uaprom.net
Email: Contact form
Mobile: +380679964993
Phone: +380679964993
Fax: +380414592343
Address: Nova Borowa Town, 12114 Zhitomir region, Ukraine

Dear Sirs,

Our company "Contact" are situated in Zhytomyr region, Ukraine (well-known region of stone quarrying and cutting in old USSR). We situated near (20-30 km) from the best Ukrainian quarries of black, green, grey, red granite, labradorite (Blue Volga, Wolga, Galactic Blue), black gabbro. Our company based in 1992.

The main field of our business is stone-working from Ukrainian natural stone blocks (granite, labradorite, gabbro). We produce wide range of goods: produce tiles, slabs, monument, tombstone, window-sill, railing, balusters, vases, steps, cubes, abnormity paving. We make standard orders and unique feature orders.

When we have big orders on stone goods we import it from China, Turkey, Algeria.

We have buyers from Ukrainian market, Russia, Belorussia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, GGeorgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan (all old USSR).

Now we have big experience in stone-working, so we help to many companies from Italy, Belgium, Germany, Russia, China to buy stone blocks from quarries of Ukraine.

Also PP "Contact" has been working in the stone processing tools market since 2003. Throughout this 6-year period, our company has established close business relations with the leading world manufacturers of diamond tools and equipment for stone processing and building, and now holds one of the leading positions in Ukrainian market of diamond and abrasive tools, electro tools and equipment, chemicals for gluing, cleaning and stone surface treatment.

We open to new contacts: we ready to study possibility of common business for make in Ukraine International stone cutting plant, International stone selling site, represent your interest in Ukraine and on the market of old USSR. Ukraine have ports Odessa, Illichevsk, network of railway lines by all Russia and old USSR. We have possiibility to resell your stone goods on our market.

Offered production:
- Blocks granite
- the Tile granite facing (thermoprocessed, polished
- the Stone blocks granite (draught) chipped, pileno-chipped pilenaja-thermoprocessed
- the Border granite road-Porebrik granite garden
- Steps granite
- Products from a granite (a plate, window sills, table-tops, bar racks etc.)

Best regards,
Alex Stasiv

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Photos of 4. black-labrairit- blue volga
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